Cinema Gems From The Vault of Dr. Film


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Cinema Gems From The Vault of Dr. Film available for pre-order, shipping in September 2022.

Cinema Gems is a fun collection of rare shorts from the early through mid- 20th century, many available for the first time since they were created. This special collectors set includes Willis O’Brien’s  early stop motion shorts, a rare Old King Cole Display company sales film showing animated displays from the  30s, a Marx Brothers stop motion pilot, and “Monsters of the Moon”, a promotional pitch film from the 30s, thought lost, from the collection of Dr. Film!

Morpheus Mike (1915), Prehistoric Poultry (1917),  The Dinosaur and the Missing Link (1915) R.F.D 10,000 B.C – Early Stop Motion shorts by Willis O’Brien

Creation (1931) – Demo film by Willis O’Brien

The Gingerbread Castle (c1931) – Pathe News short on  Hamburg, NJ’s Children’s attraction

Monsters of the Moon and introduction – Nearly lost live action / Stop Motion pitch film from the late 1930s.  Introduced by Forrest J. Ackerman at the 1940 WorldCon in Chicago!

Christmas Promotional Campaign – Sales film showing animated Disney store displays from 1934.

Identifcation B-17 (1942) – Disney -produced WW2 training film

Intermission Reel (c. late 50s, 60s and 70s) – Fun drive-in intermission reel

Elf Intermission Film (early 50s) – Early, famous animated intermission

Bungle in the Jungle (1949) – Nearly-lost “Jerky Journeys” cartoon. Courtesy Leonard Maltin

The Marx Brothers (1961)- Forgotten animated pilot for television. Courtesy Ira Gallen


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